In Business

Though a Guest House’s revenue comes from various segments, half of it comes directly from business travellers budget.
Most Guest Houses want to cater to these revenue-generating travellers but failed to do so as they don’t have a concrete idea of how to fulfil their needs.



So what are the business travellers’ needs?

Guest Houses that offer all the amenities to prepare for the morning meeting or conference is highly admirable.

  • Some amenities like a laptop desk, more plug points, ironing board with iron or laundry facility, good lighting, reliable WiFi etc. are expected as standard for a business traveller.
  • Some travellers also expect for complimentary breakfast, brand shampoo or soap and a perfect time wake up call as a part of Guest House amenities.
  • Business travellers mostly want a room that could fulfil a dual purpose; relaxation after a long journey & accomplishing office work. Such ambience makes them return once more to that Guest House.
  • The most annoying thing for travellers is the early wake-up call for breakfast in most of the Guest Houses. So if the breakfast can be served at a flexible time in the morning; it’ll be an impressive step.

Health & Wellness


Travelers give importance to quality dining.

They like to arrange meetings with their clients if the Guest House provides a measure of privacy with quality dining in the restaurant or coffee area.

  • Most of the travellers wish to have a low-fat and healthy food apart from the Guest House’s menu.
  • A Guest House providing healthy, organic and fat-free options in the menu caters more travellers.
  • The 24/7 on-site gym or fitness centre where they can go for a quick workout and burnout the day stress can make a difference for travellers.
  • Female business travellers also value the Guest House if there is the availability of organic spa and swimming pool facilities.

Conference Venue Location

  • Guest Houses highlighting famous buildings and attractions nearby attracts more business travellers than others. Because if guests get to know they have to go only a few distance for a meeting, it’ll tempt them to stay there.
  • Most of the travellers don’t want to waste time in transit rather they prefer to choose Guest Houses near to airport or railway station for easy access to their check-in and out time.
  • Business travellers always prefer a good location where they can get easy access to different meeting venues or conference joints, business parks etc.
  • Business travellers only choose those Guest Houses that is close to the conference venue in order to minimize the transit time from place to place.

Convenient Connectivity

  • The first need of business travellers is to be connected with clients or colleagues by using mobile phones or emails etc.
  • When a business traveller finds the benefit like a reliable WiFi where they can access their email, join video meetings or can open large file attachments then it’s a win-win for them and that certainly poses a good option for their next trip as well.
  • Business travellers also sometimes look around to enjoy the vacations points nearby so if the Guest House offers a good concierge service then it also values their needs.


  • The best value of the money is always a concern for business travellers.
  • The travellers want a package that should include all needed amenities without any extra strings.
  • So when a Guest House presents their special offers with all benefits in a single bucket to business travellers they want to grab the deal and want it for all their future trips in the same way.
  • Most of the travellers compare the offers with other Guest Houses before selecting so when a Guest House gives the exact value of their money they tend to get the deal as early as possible.
  • As the needs and requirements changing, a Guest House should change its way of presentation that can attract the new travellers.

We at Evertsdal Guest House are proud of the fact that we can tick all of these boxes. As a Guest House that focuses on the Corporate Traveller, with 4 Conference Venues, we take notice of our guests’ needs and preferences.

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