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Conferences are a powerful way of networking. It allows one the opportunity to build one’s brand as well as forging customer relationships which in turn attract new markets. The conferencing industry is evolving at a rapid pace – thus the need to keep up with innovative ideas and technology as well as the most up-to-date venues and facilities.

This is where Evertsdal Guesthouse is befitting of the latest trends. In short, it can well be described as “trendy” all round. Not only does it offer supreme accommodation and service, a spectacular setting with precise attention to detail, but it has also found its rightful place on the map in offering state of the art conferencing facilities. Well located, not far from the airport, transport and many magnificent leisure activities, from restaurants to malls and Durbanville’s renowned wine farms. The magnificent landscaped gardens allow space for creative thinking, brainstorming and breakaway nooks.

When planning a conference, one needs to be structured and organised keeping the following criteria in mind:

  • One’s Target market
  • The size and type of event
  • The need to explore and investigate the latest options available
  • Establishing the size of the conference in terms of the number of people and duration, as well as whether speakers and workshops will be a part of the program
  • Whether it may be a small training session with the need for audio visual equipment or a larger one

Thus, careful preparation is required to define and establish one’s needs. This will ensure an informative, inspiring and memorable conference for all.

The Venue:

  • Once the criteria have been established, only then can one select a venue.
  • It is imperative to choose a venue that has the capacity to meet one’s vision, and has the most up to date facilities to provide technical support.
  • A well informed professional team needs to be sourced. Cape Town Bookings is renowned for their exemplary service in assisting with bookings and scheduling. They ensure that the facility that they refer will meet the needs of the hosting company.
  • They are well versed in assessing the need for good parking facilities and convenient airport location, accommodation as well as public transport accessibility.
  • Audio-visual facilities are key to most conferences – Evertsdal Guesthouse has made sure that their audio-visual supplier has sound knowledge of the facility and established relationships in place.

It is prudent to check availability of equipment and, most importantly, allow time for rehearsal – it’s vital to ensure there will be no glitches on the day. One’s professional image needs to be kept in check to achieve one’s goals that have been set out from the onset.

A state of the art Conference Room with the most advanced technology, seats 16 people comfortably in the most recently opened guesthouse. No 122 Kendal Rd Eversdal is one of 6 guesthouses. The group has 4 conference rooms on offer that hosts from 4 to 24 delegates. At No 122 Kendal Rd, an 8- button keypad (press and hold buttons) wall panel, devised by Alfratron, controls the drop- down screen, projector and amplifier. This literally happens with the touch of a finger. The room has an air conditioner and long window panels, allowing one to peacefully rest one’s eyes on magnificent manicured gardens with a Feng Shui feel of flowing water. Two adjoining rooms interleading from each door of the conference room flow to facilities ideal for refreshment breaks

Timing and Technology:

  • Plan well ahead considering the date, time, duration and participant’s requirements – making sure that there is no other major coinciding event in the area.
  • Ensure convenience for people to attend – new software, which Evertsdal Guesthouse offers, assists event managers and client’s insight into the logistics of sophisticated conference planning,
  • The introduction of advanced systems such as Integrated Payment Apps by Apple and Samsung, provides new methods for registration and payment which can be speedily implemented and tracked, eliminating time-consuming admin processes.
  • With the maturing of cloud computing and the integration of social media, it is possible to extract real-time information anywhere and to adjust itineraries to the real-time needs of attendees.


  • Prepare a budget that meets both the requirements and financial constraints – keeping a spare “safety-net” for any unplanned expenses that may arise.


Choosing Evertsdal Guesthouse assures that one has hit the jackpot.

  • In each of their conference rooms, they have chosen colours that just work and lend themselves to goal and result driven communication, allowing the balance for concentration and mindfulness as well as interactive participation in supreme comfort.
  • In terms of floral arrangements and table gifts, Evertsdal Guesthouse will assist the coordinator in this regard.

Evertsdal Guesthouse – Creating memorable experiences.

Whatever the scope of the conference, Evertsdal Guesthouse has the flexibility and expertise to manage various events in a way that will ensure smooth delivery and outstanding success. Planning a function at Evertsdal Guesthouse is a seamless process with experts guiding one through every aspect of hosting either a local or international event. From conferences to banquets, exhibitions, weddings and film shoots, the professional team works to the highest standards to ensure that all needs are met.

An additional bonus for any conference is the convenience of onsite accommodation. This is where Evertsdal Guesthouse has the winning formula. Not only does it offer conferencing facilities, it also offers bespoke accommodation. Luxury and comfort meet in these exquisite facilities.

With a total of 32 beautifully appointed en-suite guest rooms, swimming pools, full Continental and English breakfasts, delicious teatime treats and lunches, dinner on request, fully licenced, topped with professional friendly service at competitive rates, this is certainly an ideal venue.

There is no need to look further when planning a conference.

Follow this space for further trends and requirements next month.

Bev Moss-Reilly