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You’ve worked hard during the year and there’s little more rewarding than to book up a wonderful fun filled relaxing holiday for you and your family to enjoy.

Even more so when you have chosen premium accommodation like Evertsdal that offers luxury and sheer bliss and is so well positioned, central to all of Cape Town’s “must see’s and must do’s”.

However, going away leaves one with some sensible responsibilities to fulfil.

Herewith some hacks to use as a checklist!

  1. Make sure to book flights, accommodation and hired transport well in advance.
  2. Inform a trusted neighbour who will not be going away to keep an eye on your property.
    This includes:
    • Emptying your letter box daily
    • Switching lights on and off each day if they are not on a timer
    • Putting on your pool pump routinely as you normally do
    • Watering your garden and plants as and when required
  3. Inform your security company that you will be going away and leave a contact number.
  4. Make sure that your family and friends have a contactable number for you.
  5. If you are coming to South Africa from a foreign country, make sure that you have the following in order
    • Updated visas
    • Updated passports
    • Vaccinations or prophylactic medications if necessary
    • Insurance for travel, loss and medical needs
    • Zar currency
    • An updated doctor’s prescription if you are bringing in any chronic medication. Make sure that you will have enough medication for the duration of your time away from home.
  6. Be armed with the highlights of what Cape Town has to offer and book tours in advance if desired.
  7. Pack in light clothes for Summer, a jersey for a cool night, jeans, T – shirts and a rain jacket. Cape Town is known to experience four seasons in a day.
  8. Sunscreen and sunhats are essential in the harsh climate of Cape Town’s Summer heat
  9. Familiarise with the laws, the culture and traditions of the country.
  10. Be sure to heed advice of where to go and where not to go in terms of staying safe in Cape Town
  11. If you have a pet, be sure to book a reliable pet sitter in advance or to organise suitable accommodation for your treasured pet. Do not leave it home alone.
  12. Be sure to leave your pet sitter with adequate food for your pet, details of importance that he/she should know as well as the number and address of your local vet.
  13. Travel light during the summer season.
  14. If you plan to lock up and leave your home uninhabited while you are away, make sure that there are no give away signs that your home looks empty.
  15. Check your flight times in advance and call the airport on the day to make sure of no delays.
  16. The fewer people that you inform that you will be away, the better. It is best that staff like domestics, garden services and the like do not know that you will be away.
  17. If you are driving to Cape Town, be sure to have your car serviced in advance.
  18. Have your spare tyre pumped up.
  19. If you will be driving for more than 8 hours, it is best to break up the journey by overnighting half way to prevent falling asleep at the wall. Wear your seatbelt and be sure that you have adequate petrol as well as air in your tyres.
  20. Be sure that all bookings are in place before leaving.

Travel safe and enjoy your stay in
the magnificent Mother City!