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There is little more enchanting than to witness the thrill and splendour of young children living the dream of Christmas. Believing that the elves are busy at work manufacturing their gifts to fulfil their wishes and even more so, dependent upon their behaviour.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas is especially exciting as the snow adds the realism to the wonderous fantasy. The entire world north of the equator is dressed for the occasion with jingles sounding out and lights twinkling over snow clad landscapes.

It’s a given in the minds of little children that Santa has received their wish list and will be arriving on his sleigh with Rudolph at the helm. Getting to sleep on Christmas eve allows the certainty of Santa’s arrival as parents bribe their children to get to sleep before Santa comes down the chimney.

Here in South Africa, Santa arrives in the heat of summer sweltering, and furthermore, needing to navigate roadblocks and electric fencing, beams and the likes to enter the properties, many of which have no chimney. This is unquestionably not going to shatter the dream.

While South Africans are “braaiing” on Christmas eve and partying to forget their woes of the year, their credit cards that have escalated by the purchase of many expensive gifts, it is a night that they have a better chance of getting their children to bed early.

Leaving out the milk and the cookie for Santa embroiders upon the fact he is sure to arrive. The tree has been strategically placed and decorated as Christmas Carols belt throughout the house. Decorations are a plenty and the infectious feelings of festivities have caught on.

The house eventually falls silent in anticipation of Christmas Day. The children are awake at the crack of dawn only to sprint to the Christmas tree, en route checking that Santa has eaten his cookie and drank his milk. The gifts are shaken, and the guessing begins as the family congregate watching the little ones faces glow like the lights of the Christmas tree itself. New toys and games, play stations, cell phones, to name a few. Parents delight in witnessing the faces of their little precious ones, making their credit card debt well worth it.

Dressed in their Sunday best, in eager anticipation of family and friends arriving with even more gifts, the spirit of the day is uplifted as the love warmth and cheer is celebrated together at the dinner table where Christmas crackers are pulled, gammon, turkey and Yorkshire pudding is gobbled and of course that trifle that tantalises everybody’s taste buds. The children pass out early evening from depleted energy and are left to revel in the fantasy until next year….or until real life gets in the way and shatters the dream! Do you remember that day! Ho Ho Ho!

While enjoying the wonderful festivities of Christmas, it is important to be mindful of the essence of Christmas and what it means.

Christmas marks one of the most significant events in the Christian calendar –  the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ. This is  the real joy of Christmas and we must endeavour to keep this message alive amidst the chaos of the world. It is our wish that this Christmas will usher in the love and joy of peace throughout the world.