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As an address to our business travellers and to those who afford us the opportunity to host their conferences at Evertsdal, this goes out to you! As humans, we have very similar psychological and physiological needs. There are six areas that can guarantee us a pretty good life if we get them to a sufficient level:

  1. Health: Living a long life filled with vibrant energy. Time out is essential. It truly is a necessity. If you look at a cell phone’s battery level at the end of the day, having been used regularly throughout the day, you can witness how much it has depleted. This is metaphorically what we also experience. Our batteries too need to be recharged after a long day at work.
  2. Wealth: Accumulating enough money to live your ideal lifestyle without worrying about the future. There is a fine line between squandering excessively and allowing for some luxuries. One needs to think about providing for retirement and one’s old age from the start of one’s career.
  3. Relationships: Building a loving network of relationships with people you feel connected to is relaxing, comforting, supportive and enjoyable. As humans we need to socialise. We are not meant to live as isolated islands. Our minds need as much calming pleasant stimulation as they do intellectually. We need to find the time to spend with our loved ones.
  4. Work: Having a job where you can work on your strengths and passion in a way that gives you purpose and fulfilment.
  5. Learning and Growth: Investing in the knowledge and skills that help you solve challenges in your life, be it in the workplace or in personal relationships.
  6. Purpose: Living a life full of meaning that matters. We all have our own purpose and goals.

The key to the factors listed above all have a common element to be achieved and maintained and that is BALANCE.

These six needs are so intertwined that your degree of success in one either holds you back or multiplies your results in each of the other areas.

For example, if you have great health, but your relationships are full of conflict, you’ll feel unhappy. If you have great and loving relationships, but you’re deep in debt with creditors calling you all day, you’ll feel totally stressed out. Even if you’re rich and you have the wealth that everyone wants, it doesn’t mean much if you’re ill and bedridden.

If we get all of these six pillars right, we have a good life by almost anyone’s standard.

We are then living in harmony with ourselves which is crucial so that we can reflect and project that into all our relationships, personal and work.
But if even one of them are off, the whole concept is thrown. The reason being that the 6 factors work in sync with each other and have a domino affect if any one of the factors are out of kilter. This is simply because humans function in an eclectic manner as opposed to compartmentalised isolation.

All that this requires is learning the basics of all of these needs as well as implementing a few habits that you do every day to meet them. Difficult, but not impossible.
Many of these problems can be significantly reduced by getting a good night’s sleep, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and putting aside time for friends and family. Putting aside time for oneself is tantamount to time with others.

Evertsdal fulfils all 6 of these core factors. It contributes positively to your mental health and relaxation, allowing you to unwind in the lap of luxury at affordable rates. It provides a balance between a working and relaxing environment. After spending a good part of the day at our conference venues, we find that our delegates are quite exhausted from the intense mental stimulation and concentration. Booking in to enjoy the accommodation allows for complete relaxation.

Time out is a salient key to functioning well. Spend a weekend or even longer with your loved one and savour the magnificent service as well as the stylish and luxurious elegance having quality time together and enjoying each other. Allow us to pamper you!