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Irrespective of the season. Evertsdal is always the right choice of guesthouse with all that it has to offer.

This need not be the Winter of our discontent if we decide to take time out and enjoy a winter break at Evertsdal.

As Cape Town is fortunate to be filling its dams, which is the subject on everybody’s lips, it has also brought with it intensely polar temperatures. This seems to be the coldest winter that the Peninsular has experienced in years. Snow and slated frost is foreign to our Mother City. With climate change, we may well be getting more familiar with it!

With such icy temperatures, one always tends to imagine oneself in a romantic setting in the arms of your loved one, sipping on the best red wine that Cape Town has to offer. Of course, the setting is incomplete without dimmed lights and a roaring fireplace. This sketches the perfect winter night spent at Evertsdal. The bedrooms offer the same warmth with all mod cons available, a comfortable mattress and the plushest of linen to swaddle you in the warmth that you started your evening off with. Enjoy the luxury that Evertsdal has to offer, irrespective of the season.