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When booking up for accommodation away from home, it is always prudent to first identify one’s own personal needs.

The requirements of the business traveller will differ from that of the holiday maker or the tourist.

The business traveller is very often an invited delegate who will be attending a conference. In such an instance, there is a person who has been assigned to organising and coordinating the entire event, and thus creates a package of convenience to meet the needs of those attending. It is always ideal to find a suitable venue that will accommodate the hosting of the conference by offering conference facilities, catering as well as comfortable accommodation. Being located fairly close to an airport is an additional factor to consider.

At times, business travellers attend a meeting at their head office or perhaps call on a client or supplier out of town. They will then need to seek accommodation that is as close to the office as possible.

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For those who are wanting to make reservations for a year end holiday, which may include the family, one needs to consider various personal factors.


What may be central to one may not be ideal for another. Thus, one needs to determine upfront what one’s needs and desires actually are. Those who are lovers of the sea and may love catching the first waves of the day may choose to book into accommodation that is coastal. Bear in mind that such accommodation is always a lot more costly than inland accommodation .For that reason, one may choose accommodation that is very close to a highway that will allow one to still reach ones chosen destinations in a relatively short time.
As one is extremely spoilt for choice when one selects online, it is useful to search for reviews on sites like Tripadvisor
Everyone loves comfort, luxury and style.
Many prefer the cosiness of a guesthouse as opposed to the impersonal accommodation of a hotel. One is not particularly better than the other, it merely depends upon the preference of the guest.


Basic cleanliness and a high standard of hygiene is essential, irrespective of the type of accommodation.

One may be happy to stay in an establishment that only offers bed and breakfast. Others may choose to stay where three meals a day are on offer.

To some, a swimming pool, a gym, a spa and a hair salon onsite are important.

Some who come as a family may feel it important that the establishment is child friendly and that onsite activities are available. Others may require the quiet serenity of a peaceful and restful getaway from the humdrum of their daily lives.

It all depends on the purpose and expectations that one may have of a getaway.

There are many people who enjoy the party nightlife and thus they would need to source their ideal location. Some may want it on their doorstep in walking distance, while others may want to enjoy a couple of nights out enjoying this type of entertainment, but not to be staying in ear shot of such activity throughout the night.

Having addressed a few factors to consider, it is imperative to explore the surrounding amenities before making the booking. If one enjoys shopping malls, restaurants, theatres and cultural activities as opposed to a complete beach holiday, this again may impact upon the choice of where to stay.

Always visit the social media platforms of the establishment and source reviews as one’s choice of accommodation is paramount in the holiday equation.

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