In Fine Dining And Luxury Travel

What typifies fine dining can really be answered in one word, that being EVERTSDAL!

Culinologists define “fine dining” as: a style of eating that usually takes place in expensive restaurants, where especially good food is served to people, often in a formal way.

It does not always require formal dress code, although most people, out of respect to the upmarket restaurant, do dress smartly.

The picture conjured up in the minds of many a diner, is a table that is set with a tablecloth, generally white, glassware that is as clear as crystal, linen napkins, a floral centre piece and fine silver cutlery.

The service is supreme, the ambience, décor and furnishings are sophisticated and elegant, along with stylish presentation of bespoke cuisine.

Does this not define Evertsdal! Where style and elegance meet!

Evertsdal serves a magnificent breakfast, fit for royalty. Lunch and dinner is prepared on advance request.

Evertsdal is also known for its Conferencing Facilities as well as hosting of private events. The style of catering and the food presentation is quintessential.

Evertsdal’s charm, style, luxury and elegance run right throughout every aspect of the palatial guesthouse that it is.

From accommodation to dining, as well as all onsite facilities, Evertsdal is an esteemed establishment which remains most people’s first choice.